Monthly Archives: May 2016

Rehearsals for my Soiree next month

The past month I have spent a good portion of my time rehearsing for my solo show tenetively called, “The Magic of Childhood” about my growing up and overcoming challenges to become a magician.  I have almost 4 pieces done and want to write a couple of more short ones before my first showing of all of them next month in a friends home on Long Island.   Sort of a works in progress show and hoping to get some good feedback as to where I stand with it.  A large part of my presentation will be using Powerpoint showing various magic tricks and their advertsiing from my youth.  That and I will be performing some original magic to help illustrate the story.  It’s quite challenging but have been getting good response from my Improv acting class as well as friends and so have a good feeling about it..  Still seeking a more original title.