Packing for the Road

My new solo show which runs 75 minutes, takes 45 minutes to set up and almost 45 minutes to pack up so that it fits into 2 road cases. But having attended two different panel discussions on entering Fringe Festivals, I found out like that like the NYC Fringe Festival, almost all give you only get 15 minutes to load in and 15 minutes to load out. Some festivals it’s just half that time! I was hoping festivals in other states were more flexible.

Working and traveling alone it seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle due to the nature of my magic props with the delicacy of packing and setting them up. I was resigned to not being able to play 95% of the festivals out there.

However, a couple of days ago I decided out of curiosity to rethink the whole packing and setting up issue and see if I could possibly meet the dreaded 15 minute deadline. This will entail having special boxes built to hold pre-set props. Then to also figure out how to pack them so that each prop is taken out of the case in the order that the show needs to be set up.

While I only started this morning, I’m thinking there might be some hope! I intend on putting the same amount of time and thought into this problem as I would any other routine in my show. This just another issue that professional performers have to address that the audience never knows about.

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