Teller and Torkova

Twenty years ago this week, I was to perform my stage coin act at Monday Night Magic at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in NYC. It was challenging due to the close proximity of the audience being in a semi-circle around the small stage. I also happened to know that Penn & Teller were in town and about to open their show later that week at the Beacon Theater.

And wouldn’t you know it, just before I’m introduced (and already feeling nervous about the act), someone tells me that Teller is in the audience. No pressure! Well, the act ended up going fine except for part of the finale which didn’t work but the audience never knew it. I was pretty happy as it was the first time I had done the act on such a small stage. I received a big round of applause and walked backstage.

A few minutes later, one of the producers of the show came up to me and said that Teller wanted to speak to me (yes, he can talk) at intermission. I was surprised and flattered. When we met, he congratulated me on doing a great job. Then he gave me this long quizzical look and said, “You did some very subtle things there, some very subtle things!” Between that and the expression on his face I was pretty sure that this was his way of saying that I had fooled him – without him coming out and admitting it.

I thanked him and he was kind enough to autograph a postcard for their upcoming show. It’s hard to read here but it says, “To Torkova, from your new fan, Teller.” In recent years I’ve been rejected trying to get on their television show, “Fool Us.” While disappointing, I can still take some solace in that at least I fooled Teller once upon a time in a little theater in Greenwich Village

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